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The Avocado Bubble Tea at Koko Ramen is a Celebration of Sweetness and Texture

Avocado is one of the widely favorite fruits of America. Its texture and filling-ness add to its charm. Moreover, there are immense health benefits of the amber-green flesh of the fruit. Therefore, it is no wonder why a glass of avocado bubble tea is a delightful experience. At Koko Ramen Poke Bowl, avocado bubble tea is one of our highlights, besides Rolled Ice Cream in Port Arthur.

The Koko Smoothness and Textural Richness

What makes our avocado bubble tea special? Its textural smoothness!

Texture and mouth-feel are the fundamental components of the avocado flavor. Our bubble tea packs a unique blend of creamy and oily. The essential Koko texture is a sustained leap through a gamut of tastes, from sweet and sour to umami and salty. It is bubble tea revolutionized.

The Perfect Degree of Sweetness, and Filling

Various schools have drawn attention the extreme sweetness of bubble tea. Health experts have particularly focused on the effects of gulping down so much sweet. But Koko thinks differently.

Our avocado bubble tea is known for its optimal degree of sweetness. It is neither overwhelmingly sweet nor scantily sweet. Moreover, where can you find such a filling Bubble Tea in Port Arthur? Our avocado bubble tea fills you enough to last a good length of time.

Our Avocado Bubble Tea is a Draught of Health

Koko’s avocado bubble tea is made from a ripe avocado, half cup of soy milk, brown sugar, six ice cubes and tapioca pearls. The drink is packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Koko Ramen is singularly attentive to public health. Our avocado bubble tea is proof of that.

The Textural Notes of Chewy Tapioca Pearls

Tapioca pearls are extracted from cassava roots. These add to the textural fun of bubble tea. The hallmark of mixing tapioca pearls with avocado bubble tea is the bewildering, yet gradual, spreading of multiple flavors down the palate. It results in a harmonious balance of tastes, or what we call the Koko savor.

A Wide Range of Bubble Teas at Koko Ramen

Besides avocado, Koko offers a wide range of bubble teas such as the likes of jasmine, taro, mango, papaya, peach, honey dew, strawberry, coconut and Thai tea. Each is priced at not more than $3.95, which is perfectly reasonable and according to market standards and customer preferences.

27th Feb, 2020 posted by Koko Ramen Poke Bowl