Koko Ramen Bowl Offers some of the Finest Rolled Ice Creams in Port Arthur

Asian rolled ice creams are on a roll. With more and more customers vying for the exotic flavors available at Koko Ramen Bowl, our establishment continues to expand its diverse collection. From Oreo’s secret to Monkey Business, our restaurant is brimming with a burst of dessert delights.

Why Us?

The visibly simple technique of making a rolled ice cream is highly deceptive in more ways than one. Take, for example, the Thai rolled ice cream. It takes no more than two minutes to churn out the delicacy. However, the same tends to be highly fertile for silly slips.

The point we are trying to make is that our experts combine extraordinary skill and delicateness to trot out the finest rolled ice cream in Port Arthur. The dessert, however simple to make, entails nonetheless a keen eye for detail, technical mastery and structural finesse. The end product is something not only to swear by, but also distinctly memorable.

Another reason why our establishment is your ideal dessert stop is our diverse collection, sufficient to make a fanatic sweet-tooth drool in a trice. Our Key Lime Pie, a thrilling concoction of lime Graham Cracker, is touted as the all-time favorite. Then, our sensuous Strawberry Lady and Green Giant which is a delicately whipped blend of green tea and strawberry have won foodies in hordes.

I Love you Latte is one of our most sought-after desserts. It is a mix of coffee peppered with top-quality chocolate chips – a perfect way to round off a sumptuous meal. And there are infinite toppings to pick. From strawberry and banana to cereal and kiwi, choose your favorite topping and relish your dessert to the last dint of delight.


Our eclectic spread of delicacies is what makes Koko Ramen Bowl worth the shot. Or, you could drop by someday just to slurp a sip of the finest bubble tea in Port Arthur? Our bubble tea ranges from jasmine and taro to coconut and honey dew!

Our cost structure comports with industry practices and in strict keeping with the financial dynamics of our cherished customers. Lovely Chocolate, for instance, is priced at just over $5! Or, you may enjoy the equally-priced Ginger Lovers Lemon, too. Whatever you choose will not snap your purse-strings in any way whatever. Apart from that, our hospitality standards continue to evolve, keeping in mind the numerous preferences of our customers.

28th Oct, 2019 posted by Koko Ramen Poke Bowl