Lunch Box in Port Arthur

Koko Ramen Bowl Offers a Staggering Range of Japanese Delicacy at Reasonable Rates

Japanese cuisine is essentially characterized by diversity. At Koko Ramen Bowl, our experts leave no stone unturned to reflect the inherent diversity of Japanese food. Indeed, our menu has been designed keeping in mind the fundamental points of Japanese tradition and our esteemed customers’ ever-evolving priorities. From lunch box in Port Arthur to dinner boxes, we have it all.

A Mind-Numbing Scope of Authentic Ramen

That Japanese cuisine is pluralistic has been said already. So would you like our Yummy Chicken Ramen or the iconic Tonkotsu Ramen, a mash-up of pork broth, nori dried seaweed and fish cake?

Or, you may try our favorite Miso Ramen. It is a paradise blend of pork broth, pork chashu, seasoned egg, fish cake, bamboo shoots and nori dried seaweed with miso flavor. Apart from that, the likes of wonton ramen, curry ramen and seafood ramen are sure to make your mouth water.

If you are more into heat, consider our Spicy Chicken Ramen which is magically blended with the likes of fried onion, green onion and chili sauce. Indeed, it is a dish steaming with finger-biting tastes.

Boost your Hunger Pangs with our Appetizers

To start gorging on ramen without having had spring rolls is indeed unimaginable.

Our appealing range of awesome appetizers is sure to enrich your taste buds and redefine your perception of Japanese flavors. From Edamame to crab puffs, the list is an endless instance of magic.

Consider our highly iconic gyoza. It is nothing but steamed or pan-fried pork alongside vegetable dumpling. Apart from that, you may try our crispy shrimp ball and crispy calamari. Or, if you seek to relish the quintessential magic of Japanese, you may try our Japanese crispy chicken. It is a steaming dish of juicy fried chicken thigh with ponzu sauce – a perfect complement to your dinner box in Port Arthur.


As mentioned at the outset, Japanese cuisine is characterized by diversity. It is an ever-shifting hotspot of traditional and modern coupled into the best of culinary charms.

At Koko Ramen Bowl, our culinary experts strive round the clock to reflect the very essence of Japanese food. At the same time, our venture is committed to upholding the time-tested significance of consumer priorities. With more and more gourmands flocking to experiment and redefine their tastes, our establishment has been too happy to keep up.

10th Jan, 2020 posted by Koko Ramen Poke Bowl